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The 20% Mark: Overall Grade

Someone reminded me I didn’t give the team as a whole a grade. Based on the starters, relievers, offense, defense and bench/intangibles, what score for our 19-13 Rockies. Do they get to earn a scholarship/keep their spot on the honor role? I have the ad

The 20% Mark: Fielding

When the season started there were a lot of people wondering if this might be the best defensive team the Rockies had ever had. The opening series in Miami was uneven, allowing a fair number of infield hits and even the first week at Coors Nolan had some

The 20% Mark: Offense

Okay, at this point is there not a lot to say bad about the offense. I mentioned earlier this season that I was upset by the low pitch counts they are getting against opposing starters. It turns out that new Rockies hitting coach Blake Doyle is at the cut

The 20% Mark: BullPen

How Good or Bad is This Bullpen? Of the group that went North with the Rockies from Arizona, we have already seen two changes. First Wilton Lopez was sent to Colorado Springs after a dreadful start with the team. As I discussed back at the 10% mark, Lopez

The 20% Mark: Starters

Because I tend to write waaaaay to long of posts, I am going to break the 20% season returns into a series of posts. Tonight is game 32, which is 20% of the games. At the 10% point I said this was a very average team…which it appeared to be, though