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Christian Friedrich – Not Just a LOGY

The Heart-Warming Story of a LOGY (short for lefties who face one batter) Who Became a Real Reliever First off, sorry for no opinion pieces of late….been out of opinions?  Well, to work….   Recently there was a discussion about our curr

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Why are the Rockies So Bad Offensively

Okay, we know they have had some bad early season struggles, especially on the pitching mound, which took a quality bullpen and chewed it up. But even when they have gotten good pitching they have really struggled offensively. They can get homeruns but ge

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Ewww….Padres 14 Rox 3

I see that JEEM already wrote about last night’s game (wasn’t sure whose turn).  But after going dark the past few days, I had to comment on what happened last night…and weekend. This may be the easiest and shortest post I ever wrote.

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