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The Biggest Challenge of the Year (thus far)

How good was Clayton Kershaw against the Rockies in 2014?  Folks, we better hope that they are not the same team as last year, because this is about as dominating as I have ever seen (and of course it includes a no-hitter). Games   PA   AB    H 

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Name Changes are Important

Last night I shared the story that was broadcast by the station here that carries Sky Sox baseball (our former Rockies AAA team with the most garbage stadium in the universe).  One of the guys who is part of the broadcast team (Dan Karcher who does the p

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The Brett Anderson Mistake?

During the offseason after the 2013 baseball season the Rox made a potentially game-changing trade. They sent Drew Pomeranz, who whatever you think of his future, wasn’t going to have his confidence rebuilt while pitching at Coors (the move to Oakla

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