ROX, DBACKS IN ONE MORE DANCE FOR SPOT IN TOURNEY It is without doubt uncool to be talking baseball while we’re all struggling to come to terms with another exercise of grotesque inhumanity, thi

Magic Number Is Two.

After a nervous week where most of us were on the edge of the seats pressing our noses to the screen, the playoff picture has come into focus for the Blake Street men.  With the loss to the Cubs Thur


ROX UP BY 2 OVER BREWERS FOR VISITING WILD CARD; MARLINS, DODGERS ON FOR 3 EACH, THEN IT’S A WRAP With the “journalists” at TV broadcast partner AT+T SportsNet concentrated exclusive

Dance or Choke.

Take a moment to read Jonathon Lucroy’s comment in the photo.  So far it has been all talk and little walk.  I’ll let another RWO friend give me the OPS+ stat for team offense in basebal


ROX COASTING:  SAN FRAN, THEN SAN DIEGO The Colorado Rockies are in San Francisco, California this afternoon, tuning-up for the first of 2 with the Giants tonight at AT+T Park.  Game time is 8:15 MT

Rocktober Hunt.

Everybody except the players who perform at high altitude were ready to write off the Rockies’ season entering the eight-game road wringer at Los Angeles and Arizona.  Lo and behold, Colorado r


ROX SWEEP DODGERS IN LA; AT DBACKS AS MILWAUKEE, ST LOUIS MAINTAIN PACE My female house cat, the one that is called Sun Green, has taken to pulling down rags.  The rags I’m talking about have


VAPORIZING ROX HOST GIANTS; HEAD WEST Chad Bettis (0-2, 4.88) is fixing to let loose with his first heave of today’s matchup against the San Francisco Giants down in Lodo at 20th and Blake.  Be

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